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When Lives are at Stake, Leave Nothing to Chance.

Vertus is an international provider of high-risk protective services, leading-edge training, strategic consulting, and logistical support. As part of VRP Group’s corporate umbrella, including domestic-security affiliates Regius Investigative & Protective Services and Praesidium Security, the Vertus team strongly stands out as providers of adaptable, socially conscious, and responsive solutions for high-profile clients spanning the globe.
The breadth and depth of Vertus’ services allows dynamically assembled teams to serve the specific needs of government entities, military, law enforcement, corporations, campuses, healthcare facilities, and civilians. Vertus is the strategic vision of highly qualified security experts including former Military, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence Community Special Operators. Institutions worldwide know they can trust Vertus for the highest level of effectual support in any situation.

Why Choose Vertus?

  • Collaborative Consulting

    Vertus has the resources to step outside the box to find solutions for your unique needs.
  • Socially Conscious

    Vertus has adapted to the changing Global vision of team training, protective services, and physical security.
  • Reputation Protection

    Strategies and solutions to protect your reputation and maintain a positive public image are incorporated into every service Vertus provides.

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